Doyle Custom was started back in 1986. It all began with an innovative mind and a passion for the sport of Windsurfing. John Doyle's first Windsurfing boards were created in his small garage located in Wichita, Kansas. In that garage was where he would design and build his boards for the next 7 years. In 1989 John developed the Air core hollow board. John knew that the market for Windsurfing in Kansas was only so big and if he wanted to expand his business then he would need to move to the Windsurfing capital of the U.S. in Hood River, Oregon. In 1993 Doyle Custom was moved to the Gorge. There Doyle Custom was able to take off and before long became a well known business throughout the Windsurfing Industry.

In 1999 Doyle Custom introduced a new sport and new board to its line up. The sport of Kiteboarding had just begun and John Doyle jumped on board immediately. He started building custom Kiteboard shapes and the first ones were known as directional boards similar to small Windsurfing boards. Over the next year or so the boards changed into bi-directional’s that were more like Wakeboards. In 2000 Doyle Custom teamed up with Slingshot Sports and John became a full time board shaper/designer for them. While working with Slingshot over the past 10 years, John was able to come up with many board designs. He helped Slingshot expand their business to what it is today by designing boards, fins, pads and straps, wake boots, kite bars, safety spreader bars, and many other products. Doyle Custom has now gone independent again and will be producing Custom and Manufactured boards. Doyle Custom has always been the leader in designing, shaping, and board building and will continue to be at the forefront of the Kiteboarding industry and technology.