Scott Korenblat

Doyle Custom Kite surf boards are simply the best so I have one of every model. The shapes are proven and perfect for down the line surfing and pointing back to the line-up. The construction is so far superior to any alternative. These boards are practically indestructible and I would never trust (risk my kite trip on) a Styrofoam core board (no matter what the veneer skin) to stay intact as checked baggage on any airline period.
~ Scott Korenblat

Jim Buttrick

I've had the 5-7 Free Wave and the 5-8 Rodeo Fish for the past couple of years. I got the Free Wave for Gorge conditions and the Rodeo Fish for lighter winds. At least that was my plan, but I tend to ride the Fish most of the time. It's a smooth ride, a snappy turner with a very nice balance under foot. These are great boards and the construction is second to none. John really focuses on the details.
~ Jim Buttrick - Seattle, WA

Mark Ellis

I love my new 5'4" Rodeo Fish. Rides great in gorge chop and river swells. The board has a balanced, relaxed feel when you want it but also has this very loose but locked-in feel when turning. Lots of power and authority coming up from the board. I can't believe how fast this thing will change directions. Fast and smooth yet very loose and responsive. Goes upwind like freight train. Overall, a fantastic ride in any conditions. All aspects of design and construction are perfect. Board looks like it was made in heaven by angels. Yeah.
~ Mark Ellis - White Salmon, WA

Mark Doyle

I have been riding the Free Wave and Rodeo Fish for the last month here in the surf at South Padre Island. These boards have taken my kiteboarding in the waves to the next level. Unlike most surfboards that are thick and bouncy in choppy water, these boards hold their edge and make smooth carves on the wave. I can’t remember how many times I started my bottom turn and have bounced out onto my face. Due to the thinner board layout and solid divinycell construction now I can carve harder without that fear of skipping out. Even though the boards have less volume they are still very quick to catch a wave and carry a lot of speed down the line. With all this speed I have been able to start catching airs off the lip and clear breaking sections. Talk about a lot of fun! These boards have unbelievable performance and of course extremely durable construction. I can’t wait for my next breakthrough day in the surf with my Doyle Custom board.
~ Mark Doyle