Mark Doyle

I have been riding the Free Wave and Rodeo Fish for the last month here in the surf at South Padre Island. These boards have taken my kiteboarding in the waves to the next level. Unlike most surfboards that are thick and bouncy in choppy water, these boards hold their edge and make smooth carves on the wave. I can’t remember how many times I started my bottom turn and have bounced out onto my face. Due to the thinner board layout and solid divinycell construction now I can carve harder without that fear of skipping out. Even though the boards have less volume they are still very quick to catch a wave and carry a lot of speed down the line. With all this speed I have been able to start catching airs off the lip and clear breaking sections. Talk about a lot of fun! These boards have unbelievable performance and of course extremely durable construction. I can’t wait for my next breakthrough day in the surf with my Doyle Custom board.
~ Mark Doyle